I'm a Graphic Designer and Illustrator in the Orlando area specializing in Themed entertainment.

Clients include: Walt Disney Imagineering, Universal, Nickelodeon, SeaWorld (Orlando, San Antonio and San Diego), Bush Gardens, Sesame Place, Universal Studios, UNESCO and others.

Scroll down to see some samples of my work.


SpongeBob at Ice Land Christmas posters
TMNT Mutant Masher Shredder Poster
TMNT Mutant Masher I.D. Sign
SpongeBob Subpants Billboards.
Sesame Street Ride Main ID Concepts
Slimey's Slider Backdrop
Sesame Movie Inspired Posters
Hooper's Props
Sesame Directional Posts.
Theater Building and Audition Flyers
Invader Zim Ride Vehicles
Ren & Stimpy Space Madness booth
Ren & Stimpy Ride Billboard
TMNT Photo Op Wall
SeaWorld Travel Posters Williamsburg & Tampa
Nickelodeon Land Map
Rugrat's Reptar Play area
SeaWorld Travel Posters San Antonio & Orlando
SeaWorld Travel Poster San Diego
SeaWorld Travel Posters
Aqua Scout Sign (SW San Diego)
Tentacle Twirl I.D. Sign
SeaWorld Seafire Restaurant Mural
SpongeBob Boating School Height Cop
TMNT Ninja Flyers I.D. Sign
Boots Banana Boogie I.D Sign
Dora's Fiesta Carousel I.D. sign
Glove World Photo Op (Madrid, Spain)
Souvenir Store graphics
Hot Dogs to Go
SeaWorld's 50th Wall Graphics
Discovery Cove SeaVenture Safety Regulations
Voyager's Sauce Station Graphic
Nickelodeon Adv Fairly Odd World


Character Design "Stickers"
BOXI Park Stop-Light Night Event
BOXI Park St. Patricks event
MC Hammerhead Figure Card
guard dog
SeaWorld 50th That Never Was (Part1)
SeaWorld 50th That Never Was (Part2)
SeaWorld 50th That Never Was (Part3)
Picture Perfect Holidays
Falling Down


I am an illustrator and graphic designer based in the Orlando area. I have been an artist since I was a small child with a vivid imagination, lost in the pages of comic books and mesmerized by cartoons (still am!). Ever since, I've studied and followed the path to artistic nirvana in many ways: self teaching, formally training, going through trial and error but always pushing myself to be the best I possibly can, a principle that I still practice to this day; never stop learning, never stop improving.


My foundation as a designer for themed entertainment solidified during a successful seven and a half year career with SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment. I worked at the sign shop under the Theming department as both; sign maker and designer. Our goal as a team was to maintain and create signage and large format graphics for all three Orlando parks: SeaWorld, Aquatica and Discovery Cove.


Now as a freelancer and owner of Ignacio Alfonzo Designs LLC, I've had the opportunity to successfully lend my experience and skill to various theme parks and resorts all over the world. From big companies like Nickelodeon and SeaWorld to local museums, wether is theme parks, marketing, books or T-Shirts, I always look forward to meeting clients and new challenges. 



Orlando, FL, USA

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